Personal and Small Group Fitness Training          Nutrition and Fitness Instructor

     Lose Weight    Feel Stronger    Move More Easily

Achieve your goals .... in a safe, effective, efficient and enjoyable way

Cindy Dobroskay, BSHEc, MSPEd, CanFitPro - PTS 

Educating and encouraging you to be your best, and to enjoy the journey. 

"Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself."  
George Bernard Shaw

My Service Includes

  • Postural and Mobility assessment
  • Strength and Fitness assessment
  • Individualized Personal Workout plan: cardio, strength and stretches 
  • AND nutritional counselling
Meet in the comfort and convenience of your own home!
Or choose to workout at a gym. Your choice!

You reach a place where you realize you have a choice: to admire the beautiful waterfall from a distance or to stand in its midst and let it pour over you. I've found that participation is the best part of being human.                                       Katherine Dunham, Dancer / Choreographer (1999 - 2006)