A Few Facts About Cindy 

Cindy has been interested in health and fitness most of her life. Growing up in a home of overweight and dieting adults, she started counting calories and 'weighing in' as a young child. She vowed never to become overweight.

Cindy obtained a B Sc degree in Home Economics in 1983. She became a Fitness Instructor in 1988 leading aerobics classes and the occasional aquacize class. At the same time, she worked in a fitness facility helping participants with their weight training programs. Through her church, she promoted and facilitated community health programs on Stress Reduction, the Natural Way to Weight Loss, and Healthy Eating - Vegetarian style. She then became a swim instructor and after the birth of her first child in 1990, took a lifeguarding course to lose weight and get back in shape, and then became a lifeguard.

A year later she returned to university to obtain a M Sc degree in Physical Education, focusing on exercise physiology and the relationship between nutrient intake and physical activity on body fat and fat distribution in children and adults. By completion (1995), her family had grown and she had three children. Since then she has taught college classes in Physiology, Nutrition, and Health and Wellness, as well as helping in her husband's office and doing freelance writing. In 2005 her family added a fourth child through adoption, and her main focus has been on raising her children. They all enjoy various forms of sports, fitness, and out-doing each other with their healthy diet strategies.   

Today, her passion is to educate and help others achieve their goals toward better health and fitness, especially in the area of weight loss. She has a special interest in helping overweight children and teens look and feel better about themselves; she welcomes the opportunity to help families develop habits that promote maintaining a healthy weight and a more active lifestyle. 

Recently, Cindy obtained the Personal Trainer Specialist Certification through canfitpro to more effectively develop and implement successful Exercise Programs for Individuals, whatever their interests and goals! She is excited to assist you in your journey toward improved strength, endurance and health!

Regardless of your age or what motivates you to improve your current state of being, Cindy would love to get you started and support you through the process of  reviving your health ... for a better you!


What I can offer you as an individual or family:

  • Help in setting realistic and achievable goals 
  • Motivation, coaching and accountability to ensure you remain focused on your goals and achieve success
  • Exercise workouts for cardio training, muscle strength & toning,  flexibility -  all without a gym membership (but that can also be helpful!)
  • The education you need to take control of your health and the habits that influence your health
  • Specific information and practical advice on nutrition, cooking, exercise, reducing risk of disease and improving recovery from illness or injury. 
  • In-home consultations for Pantry Purging, Cooking Tips, 
  • Grocery shopping excursion, reading labels and understanding ingredient lists. Comparing products and making wise choices.

What I can offer you as an employer or organization:

  • Lunch hour Health seminars to educate and encourage employees toward better health and vitality
  • Motivational programs to improve employee health and wellness 
  • One on one fitness assessments and planning  - with or without a gym