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Dealing with a changing schedule

Posted by Cindy Dobroskay on Friday, February 27, 2015 Under: Motivation
One of the hardest things about creating an exercise routine is the 'routine' of it. Life is not always an easy, routine; day to day is not always scheduled with the ideal 'space' for adding some exercise. My life changed drastically when I decided to homeschool my daughter. I no longer had the routine of dropping the kids off at school, coming home, doing my cardio and weights routine, having a shower, lunch and getting on with my day. Suddenly, I was sleeping longer, having coffee with my husband before he went to work, letting my daughter enjoy a slow morning wake up, breakfast and finally around 10am starting some schoolwork. I could manage some exercise while she was doing independant computer work, but homeschooling involves a lot of my time - planning, explaining, being the 'other' in discussion and projects. The problem lies in not having the same morning routine every day. Some mornings we're running to field trips, or workshops or group classes. I've gotten lazy. Irregular in my activity. I need to practice what I teach - goals, scheduling an appointment for exercise like I schedule all my other activities, and prioritizing it. My body needs it, my brain needs it, and my sense of overall wellness needs it. 
So as Nike says - "Just Do It" and I need to do just that.

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