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Does Anybody Care?

Posted by Cindy Dobroskay on Friday, February 12, 2016 Under: Motivation
Who really cares more about my weight and how I look and feel than me? I think we can be very hard on ourselves and think that other people notice all the little lumps and bumps and look down on us because of it. But really ... they are all focused on their own little lumps and bumps and preoccupied with how everyone else is looking at them! Sure they may notice how I look, but do they care? I doubt it. But I care. Why? Because I have an idea in my head about how things should be. Maybe its how things used to be. Or how things exist in my fantasy world. Or a preoccupation with youth (I know i'm not alone)- forever looking the same age as we did in our prime - whatever that was! Come to think of it - why can't today be my prime. In a lot of ways, I am the best I've ever been. Maybe not when I look closely at my skin, but certainly when I think about the person I am today compared with any day in the past. Maybe I'm just getting better and better every day! In many ways, it is possible, so why not? Does anybody care about my little lumps and bumps? If I can focus on being the best person I can be, I bet most everyone else will be focused on that, too. 
So I eat and exercise for my own good health and well-being - it makes me feel good, energized and better about myself. That's important. And that's what I wish for everyone. A healthy body, mind and spirit. Good health to you!

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