What I can offer you as an individual or family:

  • Help in setting realistic and achievable goals 
  • Motivation, coaching and accountability to ensure you remain focused on your goals and achieve success
  • The education you need to take control of your health, your habits (good and bad), your life
  • Specific information and practical advice on nutrition, cooking, exercise, reducing risk of disease or improving recovery from illness or injury. 
  • In-home consultations for Pantry Purging, Cooking Tips, Exercise workouts for cardio training, muscle strength & toning, and flexibility all without a gym membership (but that can also be helpful!)
  • Grocery shopping excursion, reading labels and understanding ingredient lists. Comparing products and making wise choices.

What I can offer you as an employer or organization:

  • Weekly health seminars
  • Motivational programs to improve employee health and wellness
  • Individual employee fitness programs and nutrition counselling.

What you can expect

After an initial complimentary consultation and assessment of your current state of health and lifestyle habits, we will work together to 

determine attainable goals and the best way to reach them. You can choose to continue working with me on a monthly basis or for 3, 6,

or 12 month periods. You will learn a lot about nutrition and exercise and how your body works. You will also discover what forms of

activity work for you and are sustainable. There are other factors besides nutrition and exercise that affect overall health and weight loss

and we will uncover and learn to use them to your benefit. We will work together, week by week, overcoming obstacles, getting past 

those frustrating plateaus, and developing improved lifestyle habits that help you reach your goals. I am your accountability partner, 

sometimes exercise buddy, and as much as you allow, your friend. 

Whether you need to lose weight for health reasons or to look and feel better, or whether you want to feel more energized, reduce your 

stress, or just feel better about yourself and your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve success!

I also offer one hour grocery shopping tours - learning to decipher ingredient labels and nutritional labels, comparing products to make 

educated choices, which aisles to spend more time in and which aisles to visit only occasionally. We will fill your cart and get your 

grocery shopping accomplished for the week.

Part of the monthly program includes a home visit and pantry inspection - lots of fun for me, not so much for you, maybe, but it's well 

worth the pain. I never tell you what you cannot eat, only what is preferable for attaining your goals. You make the decisions. Always.